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Current positions

At CHRRUP we work proactively with regional communities, enterprises and industries to support the sustainability of the Central Highlands region. We are always looking for people to work with us to help achieve our goals in sustainable communities and natural resources. CHRRUP often require industry professionals to provide consultancy services to assist us with various projects so if you believe that you could provide some valuable knowledge and assistance, please contact us.

Agriculture Workforce OFFICER

CHRRUP Limited is looking for a new team member to fill the position of Agriculture Workforce Officer. This position will make a valued contribution to driving agriculture industry growth and rural jobs growth. 


We offer flexible work arrangements and the opportunity to be part of a motivated team with a strong vision. 

Applications will be accepted by email only to and must be received by 5pm on Friday the 30th October 2020.

Questions can be directed to Simone Parker, Executive Officer, by phone 07 4982 2996 or email



CHRRUP can help connect landholders to funding opportunities to improve knowledge or sustainability of their business. Any funding opportunities will be posted here. If you have ideas for specific projects to address regional natural resource issues, please use this link to email us. 

Are you looking for a way to keep track of the pasture you have on hand? Or a tool to help you estimate the amount pasture you will have to carry you through to the next growing season? Forage budgeting will help you match stocking rates (number of animals) to the quantity of useful feed you have available.


Forage Budgeting will help you maximise pasture utilisation, whilst leaving enough residual pasture to maintain and improve your land condition  ensuring the pasture is able to respond to rain and produce useful grass. Delivered by a one-on-one, grazier to grazier service from local graziers in the region, you will receive support from people who have found success in using this tool on their own property and the challenges involved. If this project sounds like something you, or someone you know, would be interested in, please contact Sara Jeppesen at CHRRUP on  (07) 4982 2996 or

Forage Budgeting in the fitzroy

CHRRUP is partnering with NQ Dry Tropics to deliver the Burdekin Soils and Pasture Project. This project will roll out over four years, using an integrated approach to support grazing businesses in building their skills and knowledge in soils and pasture management, undertake property and business planning and on-ground works. Producer groups are being formed in the Suttor, Belyando and Cape Campaspe sub-catchments now so get in touch now to register your interest.  

If this sounds like a project you would be interested in, please contact Sara Jeppesen at CHRRUP on 07 4982 2996 or 

Burdekin Soils and Pasture Project

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