In our ever-changing environment it is important now more than ever to look at the way we do things. The initial step in changing our methods, is changing our thinking. It is vital that we have the conversations to instigate and propel positive change within our industries and communities by looking at different ideas and adopting new mindsets.

Through this podcast series, we are continuing our connectivity with rural and regional communities and the people that sustain them. It's an over the fence look at people's lives, ideas and actions that inspire us. We hear from strong individuals, community members, business owners and industry professionals who are making way for real change in their patch and beyond.

This re-think will also include a re-set of mindsets around remote areas, that no matter how far afield, "remote" does not have to mean disconnected or isolated, especially as we continually become equipped with the resources tailored to the nature of the areas in which we live and operate.


CHRRUP, empowering and supporting rural and regional communities to thrive - stronger together. 

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