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A simple, practical business management service designed for agricultural business.

 agricultural business   management system 

Smart Station is CHHRUP's newest business arm, designed to deliver a comprehensive range of products and services to assist agricultural businesses across Australia.

Products and services will include human resource management, mapping, land management and business goal setting. Smart Station is designed to breakdown what seems complex into simple and practical information and systems that can be implemented into agricultural businesses. Keep up to date with our Smart Station releases by subscribing to our free newsletter and podcast.

CHRRUP has developed a hiring tool to help agricultural businesses to develop a strong workforce focusing on long term staff retention.

Human Resource Management involves many different components including but not limited to workforce attraction, retention and development. When hiring new staff, businesses must comply with rules and regulations such as the Anti- Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) and The Fair Work Act 2009.

Based on Industry Handbooks and current legislation, we provide templates covering all aspects of hiring; from Job Advertisements to Contracts tailored to each position. Furthermore, CHRRUP assists with identifying workforce needs and offers ongoing support to agricultural businesses. 


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Whole property & mini maps

 Property mapping 

CHRRUP offers a property mapping service. These maps are a practical tool which can aid in property infrastructure and production decisions. 


The program that we use is ArcGIS Pro, this allows us to create high quality maps with the latest imagery available.  We work one on one with producers to develop the map and ensure it is accurate and meets their expectations. 

Included in our mapping service is an A3-A0 laminated map. You will also receive a digital copy (jpeg, KML and/or shape file) that you can import into an online mapping tool such as Google Earth and QLD Globe.  This allows you to make updates and utilise the layers to help make sound production decisions. 


CHRRUP provides a whole property map of existing and proposed infrastructure plus mapping layers such as grazing radius, land types, contours, water courses and drainage systems.

These maps can help with:

  • Infrastructure development planning

  • Grazing and cropping management

  • Staff and contractor inductions

  • Operational planning

  • Keeping everyone informed




CHRRUP provides specific infrastructure and focused area maps to scale.

For example:

  • Feedlots

  • Yards

  • Paddocks

  • Proposed developments

Whole Property Maps

 mapping FAQs 

  • What type of maps does CHRRUP offer
    CHRRUP offer whole property & Mini Maps.
  • How can a map help our business?
    These maps can help with : Infrastructure and development planning Grazing and cropping management Staff and contractor inductions Operational planning keeping everyone informed
  • How will I receive my maps?
    You will receive a lamninated hard copy and a digital copy.
  • What mapping sizes are available for printing?
    A4 through to A0
  • What are the costs?
    Whole property maps start from $1200 and Mini Maps start from $600
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