CHRRUP is a community-owned, profit for purpose organisation dedicated to supporting sustainable regions, enterprises and industries. We partner with investors, deliver projects and services, engage with a broad range of sectors and take an active role in resource planning processes.


Based in the Central Highlands region of Queensland, CHRRUP was formed in 2001 and the diverse interests of the region are represented by a Board of directors from the following sectors; food and fibre, grains, pastoral, mining, indigenous, local government, education, integrated catchment management, environment, landcare, human services and economic development.


CHRRUP has a strong track record of involvement in community engagement and planning processes, providing access to information and training and delivering projects to support on-ground outcomes in natural resource management. 


OUR team

CHRRUP's team is a dedicated group who are experienced in project and service delivery, identifying and addressing regional issues and community engagement across our wide network of stakeholders. 


Chief Executive Officer

Simone Parker


Projects Officer

Jess Crawford


Projects Officer

Zach Moore

Meg 1_edited.jpg

Agriculture Workforce Officer
Meg McCosker


Business Support Officer

Rebecca Newland


Projects Officer

Ed Wood


OUR board 

CHRRUP's Board represent a cross section of the Central Highlands community. The Board works to identify and provide the strategic vision for CHRRUP, as well as ensuring all financial and legal obligations are met. 

Ian Daniels
blake repine
Carmel Marshall
samantha cobb
Ben Westerberg
Janelle Davey